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IM Home

IM-Home was developed so that clients can realize the benefit of the Interactive Metronome even when they aren’t at the IM Provider facility. 


  • PC/Laptop
  • Internet Connection
  • A Certified Provider

As a a patient, you can work through the plan set by your provider and at the end of the work out, the results will be uploaded to the eClinic.  Both patient and Provider can access the results at any time with the Provider having the ability to retrieve, review and adjust the training plan for the patient as well as send messages to the patients to motivate them.

As a provider you may wish to assign IM-Home to:

Patients who are limited in how many times they can come to your clinic each week due to school/work schedules, distance, insurance or financial limitations.
Patients who would benefit from continued IM exercises even after they have been discharged for meeting their therapy goals.
Patients suffering from a degenerative condition who would benefit from daily IM exercises.

IM-Home is not meant to replace patients’ face-to-face time in the clinic with their IM Provider. The IM Provider’s professional judgment and assessment are critical components of the patient’s IM Training Program. The IM Provider may opt to include IM-Home as part of the patient’s overall treatment to supplement services provided in the clinic or may recommend that the patient complete IM-Home exercises following discharge.  The IM Provider may continue to follow the patient’s care post-discharge or the patient may be referred to an IM-Home Specialist.  The IM-Home Specialist is a certified IM Provider who is specifically trained to monitor, coach, and motivate the patient to complete IM-Home following discharge from therapy.

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Our certified network of IM Providers administers IM to children and adults in various clinical and educational settings