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IM Benefits - Business

IM training has business and workplace applications.  In the work environment, the aim is not only in assisting employees with clinical issues (persons recovering from a medical condition can access IM thru Occupational Therapist who are using the latest techniques in the field) but also to enhance the performance of all employees from Executive to Operations be the best they could be. IM's core tools tweak temporal processing.

There is evidence based research that "brain timing" is linked to human ability to focus attention, reading comprehension, remembering information, processing speech, motor coordination and other capabilities.  These are all abilities called for in the workplace and any activity that hones or improves these will result in performance improvements that ultimately leads to productivity gains. So how can IM improve your business or as an employee, how can IM Enhance my performance?

IM can improve:

  • Individual Memory, motor skill coordination ability to focus, memory, automaticity (reduce the time needed to process information between input to reaction so that actions now appear to be autmatic and fluid)
  • Overall improvement in worker out put, bettter and faster decision making (more responsive company), fewer production line errors and injuries, etc

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Our certified network of IM Providers administers IM to children and adults in various clinical and educational settings